Why Healers Need to Heal – A Message From Kryon

Hi, y’all.  As healers, we need to heal.

I would like to share a message from the Kryon channeling (you can buy the book titled, “Kryon”).

“In the new energy you have the power to heal as never before.  It is thus: When you are in balance and love, and you come in contact with an unbalanced human entity who is receptive to your power, then you may approach and do the “spiritual interrogation” (healing).  This is where the one touches the other, and in an instant of time, the one spiritually interrogates the other on an astral level (the highest level possible).  The question is asked from soul to soul, and the question is:  “Is it universally appropriate at this time for your imprint to be altered to change your locks?  If so, you have the permission to use the Love source power to change your own karma and respond to this given inquiry by healing yourself.”  Notice that the entity has given permission by the power of the balanced entity to heal itself.  The power of the balanced entity is not used to actually heal, but as a catalyst or prompter to give the other the go ahead.  This is significant, and I hope its meaning is not lost on you as the reader at this time.

You might say:  Why would any unbalanced humans answer “no” to permission to use the power within to heal themselves?  This is where the universal wisdom of appropriateness comes in, as described in the past writings, where we as powerful soul entities decide our own lessons collectively before we arrive at an expression on Earth.  As a “piece of God” we use the love source to decide what the imprint should be like, so as to learn the lessons that in turn will raise the vibrations of Earth.  In a later writing I will describe to you the difference between the much misunderstood predestination concept, and what is really occurring here.  Although you cannot truly understand the working of all of this, you are very able to grasp the intent of the truth, and what is not happening here.  This may be important to some of you who have trouble understanding just how much control you have individually of your own fate while you are here.

If a soul feels that the lesson isn’t learned yet, then it will turn down the opportunity to use the power to void the disease.  A “turn down” is no reflection on the balanced human.  Your concept of healing must now change to fit the new concept of giving permission to heal.  When permission is accepted or declined, then the healing work has been done (until the next time).  You also might ask: why would a diseased human entity need to have permission in this manner?  Why not just do it?  If the karma isn’t needed anymore, simply use the power and heal.  The answer is simple: Remember that the human entity with the disease is unbalanced.  Any unbalance at all is going to affect the whole.  That is to say that you cannot have only one of the three unbalanced.  Physical disease will affect the mind and spirit in a fashion that often makes communication with the astral almost impossible.  This is why so many humans contact disease and die without hope.  Once the disease has taken hold, there is often no more real spiritual communication.  Ironically for you on Earth, when a diseased human knows that death is imminent there is often a huge attempt at spiritual reconciliation and balance.  But the one demands the other: A real healing communication requires a spiritual balance, which isn’t the case in a dying person with a physical disease.  This is why balanced healers are so important on the planet – to help those who can’t possibly “get through” because of the disease.  Do you think you can’t make a difference?  Even your presence in a room with a physically diseased person can help….Believe it!  Never walk away from an opportunity like this.  Even if you feel it is of no value, and you can see no result, there is work being done.

Be aware also that life lessons and karma are often at work here to prevent the healing, and that is the subject of this communication.  For in many cases it is appropriate to terminate, or to carry the suffering on for a time; so the answer to the soul’s healing inquiry would be “no.”  Do the work and move on.  Don’t feel that you failed if the person does not respond.  But be aware that for as many who do not respond there will be as many who do…and this is where you get to change the energy for the planet.

Therefore a healer in the new energy “intervenes” with what has been the past process, and gives permission to the unbalanced one to use the balance needed from the love source to create internal balance again.  If it is correct, and the timing is appropriate, then the unbalanced ones can heal themselves.  The good news here is that in the coming years you will be able to heal many (give them permission to balance themselves) who would otherwise have to terminate and return.  This is part of the transmutation of energy process that I spoke of.  For the difference you will create by allowing this shortcut for other humans will in itself speed up the timing of the whole, therefore transmuting the negative energy that always accompanies human death in the form of sorrow, emotional trauma, and intense karmic interaction – not to mention the process of taking the time to grow up again and fulfill the next expression’s goals.  Can you see how this is so?  This in effect is erasing negative energy that would have been in the future but never comes to fruition, and allows the positive to continue to grow without being knocked back.  In the astral the future is now, and therefore the healing will have positive planetary results now.  If this is difficult for you to understand, think of stored up energy in a battery.  It is stored for the future, for a future event; but it is positive, real energy now in the form of electricity within the battery.  Therefore it exists within the now, even though it will also have future impact when it is finally used.

There are human souls with diseased bodies right now expecting you to arrive and intervene, and the answer from within the soul will be yes, YES….believe it!  Can you think of a better way to use the love source than this?”

– Kryon



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