What I Learned About Etheric Implants

After recently discovering (and physically feeling) implants all throughout my body and in my head, I began researching and set up a session with Grant Podesta for an implant removal. These things are real. I learned firsthand when I became expert at feeling my energetic body after 1000 hours of emotional vipassana. There’s many articles online about etheric implants that go into more detail, but I wanted to share my firsthand experience with them, and what I’ve learned and realized. Every human has these, and in the thousands. As Grant dissolved them, I could feel my energy body shifting around and adjusting. He mentioned that my head and spine were out of whack, all twisted up due to these. I have had trouble sitting and standing up straight my entire life, and after the session, I could stand up straight much easier. I took it easy the day of the removal. I felt my head and entire body adjusting to the new energetic openings.

It has been truly shocking and eye-opening to go through this process and realize just how much we, as humans, are contending with. These implants are blocking our ability to see clearly. They are blocking our ability to stay sane. I was reading online about them and one article mentioned that the voice in our head that sounds like us is actually these implants which are implanting thought forms into our minds. No wonder it is so difficult to control thoughts or negative thinking. It isn’t you. It’s thought forms from these implants.

They are stealing energy from us, blocking energetic flow throughout our body. After my session, I spent the rest of the day feeling sad. Old emotions that were trapped behind and around these implants were purging. I felt my reality completely change overnight. One thing you will find is the more healing work you do, the more your reality changes. This one was big. Everything felt so “real”.

What I like about working with Grant is he has been doing this for so many years, that he’s aware of the pitfalls of subscribing to a belief system. I have another appointment scheduled to clear out the belief systems that allow the implants to come back. We have to clear the beliefs that allow this low-vibrational energy back into our bodies; “I am not enough.” “I am not worthy.” It’s super important not to allow obsession with these things manifest them in your reality. This is something important I’ve learned recently.
There seem to be shadow stages. You can’t move from one stage till you’ve gone through the previous one. It’s like the 7 stages of grief. Awareness and acceptance is first. Understanding that these things exist. Then it’s the work to remove them. I’ve realized that shadow work helped me significantly in allowing these to disintegrate from my reality. It’s the shadow work that deletes the energy that they feed off of. Then all you need to do is get removals. I’m not going to lie, this stuff can take years. It can take time to get rid of everything. We’ve been bombarded with these to stop us from exiting the matrix. Ultimately you want to get to a place where they no longer exist in your reality. Then they no longer manifest. It is at that point you’ve reached the frequency you want to delete them from your reality. These things are causing massive problems for humans. Our thoughts are not our own. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I won’t be pulling these things from my body myself till I get proper training but rather will leave it up to seasoned professional like Grant. I had more damage pulling them out myself and it took longer to heal. To be continued…

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