The Ascension

The Earth is going through an ascension process. This is a universal cycle that planets undergo to evolve to their next level, and Gaia is moving from 3D to 4 and 5D.

In order to ascend with Gaia, we must be roughly 51% in service to other (STO) and 49% service to self (STS). There can’t be indifference. What does indifference look like? Basically not helping yourself via self-healing, self-evolution, and self-love, and not helping others either. This is per The Law of One, the channeling from the Ra Complex. This channeling is the go-to ascension guide and the teachers I’ve met who have been studying this stuff for 30 years follow it; I recommend everyone get a copy.

The Earth, in her ascension, will be raising her vibration. She has been raising her vibration since 2012. This is why so many of us have gone through so much turmoil and both positive and negative life change since then. This is also a big reason why so many people are going crazy. If the planet starts vibrating higher around you and you’re not catching up, it will be tremendously physically uncomfortable for you (google ascension symptoms), and you will literally go crazy if you don’t actively work through your lower-vibration energies. Every time you heal yourself, you are both in service to yourself and service to others, because the healing ripples outward to the entire collective and the planet, backward and forward, in all directions of time :). Every time you heal yourself, you’re healing thousands of others, and specifically your bloodline, family, and ancestors. That is the magnitude this ripple effect of healing has. It is tremendously powerful to heal yourself; it also helps Gaia heal and ascend.

I recommend beginning shadow workers to start with emotional vipassana. I have two articles on emotional vipassana, Benefits of Emotional Vipassana – The New Yoga!, and Emotional Vipassana Tips and Techniques

Join us in the ascension!

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