Shadowbaby – Approved Tools, Healers, Techniques!

Here are the different tools, techniques, foods/supplements, teachers, healers, etc. that I have worked with personally and recommend. I will update this list as I go!

Emotional Vipassana – I’ve used this more than anything else, you can do it on your own for free, and it’s resulted in more healing for me than everything else combined. I have two articles up on tips for it

Alchemical Hypnotherapy (I’m an Alchemical Hypnotherapist and you can find out more about my practice at Hypnotic Austin ). Hypnotherapy is the therapy of the future

The Completion Process by Teal Swan (I’m a CP practitioner) – I found this modality which is very powerful and truly works, it helped me in recovery of memories and integration.

3rd Eye Tonic by Neil Dumra (I’m part-owner in this company I helped Neil start and Neil is a great friend of mine) – Neil was the one who helped me awaken and I’ve worked one-on-one with him extensively doing physical cleansing and shadow work together

Emotion/Body Code

Michael Zarchian – Healer and LSET – Zar really helped me and was a huge support for me during my healing process

EFT – I like Sonya Sophia Ilig the best for this modality

Implant removal – google for someone who resonates with you, I use a specific healer for implant removal

Star Essence

Crystal Herbs

Medicine Woman Training and Essences

I follow an almost completely vegan (98%) diet, avoid gluten, juice, use herbal parasite cleansers, probiotics, kombucha, acupuncture, yoga, agnihotra meditation, and more..

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