Shadow Work Tools

This is not an exhaustive list of shadow work tools.  There are probably a lot of tools out there.  Many of them may be slight variations of each other or simply different ways to achieve the same goals.

The shadow is the part of yourself you can’t see.  Shadow work brings those hidden parts of yourself to the light, or to your conscious awareness.  Ultimately, I would define Shadow Work tools as any tool that results in emotional release/integration, memory retrieval, soul retrieval, de-programming of the subconscious mind, or inner child work.  Some tools focus on one of these elements, some combine multiple elements.  There’s benefits to each tool that you don’t see with the others, and there’s also pros and cons of every tool.  As always, I recommend that people do a little bit of their own research and see what resonates with them, but the only way to know is to try it!

Alchemical Hypnosis by David Quigley

This one is also quite stunning for many.  I am trained as an Alchemical Hypnotherapist by David Quigley, who channeled this over 30 years ago and has perfected it for 30 years.  The work David has done is truly unbelievable and Alchemical Hypnotherapy is nothing short of magical, and I’ll be writing many more articles on all of the possibilities with this tool so I’m going to try to keep it short here.  With Alchemical Hypnosis, you can quite literally watch your soul evolve.  That is the experience I had with this work.  You will meet inner resources such as inner child, inner father/mother/mate/healer and more.  You will be able to speak to your higher self, your future self.  You can meet with your council to view your pre-conception contract, meet and speak to your spirit guides.  I utilize somatic healing and a variety of methods including color therapy/release, hypnotic movement, and psychic surgery with your inner healer at your healing temple.  You can do past life-regression, cancel relationship contracts, renegotiate karmic debt (!), remove past-life vows.  I love doing past-life regressions with clients because this is my specialty and they are almost always extremely powerful.  The healing you can do in a past-life session is deep.  I also use my own intuitive abilities to steer you to anything that needs to be resolved from the life you enter (your soul will pull up the most important life for you to see automatically).  This is a great way for past-life curses and entity connections surrounding those past lives to be removed.

Alchemical Hypnosis is almost difficult to summarize because there’s such a dazzling array of things you can do with it.  There is a re-birthing process.  You can bring in past-life abilities.  You can overcome phobias in one session (one of my clients).  You can get deep help and find the root cause of your anxiety, depression, or addiction.  Sometimes it takes multiple sessions and sometimes people have miracles in as little as one session.  I’ve heard the story of someone who went to a memory of being left alone in her crib, and who stopped drinking after that session.  She was previously an alcoholic.  Now, this type of miracle won’t necessarily happen for everyone in one session but this is truly possible with this unbelievably powerful modality.  You will be taken to a state of medium alert trance where you can access the subconscious.  You will be in a state of superconsciousness, halfway between consciousness and unconsciousness.  You will feel like you’re somewhere else and easily able to access memories, while still being able to speak to your practitioner who is guiding you.  No other tool has been better, for me, for accessing deeply buried memories.  The most bizarre things will come up that you had no idea were affecting you today.  Always trust what you see.

There’s a technique in Alchemical Hypnosis to speak to your subpersonalities or archetypes.  You join them at a round table for a discussion, any discussion at all.  Take for instance, “Why haven’t I been successful?”  “Why am I anxious?”  “Why do I have this physical ailment?” “Why am I a perfectionist?” and so on.  Any topic you can possibly imagine.  And you can have a conversation with every subpersonality within you, as well as external characters, to get all of the answers to your question.  Whoever has something to say will show up at the table.  If entities show up at the table or I suspect they are present surrounding this issue (I always know), they are removed.  This technique is excellent for finding “saboteurs”, or subpersonalities that have gotten out of control.  I use a method to re-educate them and call upon other subpersonalities and inner guides/resources to support them.  You can feel things massively shift after one of these processes.

Not only can you go back and do inner child rescues (a big part of Alchemical Hypnosis), but you can also re-imagine scenes.  Re-imagining the scene does a sort of “delete” on the memory or overrides it.  I personally feel you are changing the past energetically and many people feel this when they do this work.

You can also channel with deceased relatives or whomever you want.  You can have etheric plane communication with friends and family.  I also have techniques that deeply address the root cause of eating issues and special training for stop-smoking.  These are some of the possibilities with Alchemical Hypnotherapy, but the possibilities with hypnotherapy as a tool are quite literally endless.  I will be developing new techniques, products and sessions in the future.  I’ve already started playing around with possibilities in sessions with great success.  Whatever your issue is, come to me and I’ll create a hypnosis solution for it.  Hypnosis is also great for finding the subconscious causes of physical ailments.  Alchemical Hypnotherapy is nothing short of miraculous.  I also believe that a type of soul retrieval is taking place automatically while doing this work.  The work is deep and deeply transformative and can change lives overnight.

If you are interested in exploring Alchemical Hypnosis, I would love to work with you!  While I work with all issues, my passion is past-life integration and helping people discover their life purpose, as well as remove emotional blocks to achieving it.  You can find out more about me, my work, and my life-changing sessions by reading my reviews at Hypnotic Austin.  Phone sessions are available.

Emotion Code/Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

This one is huge.  What I love about Emotion Code/Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson is that someone does the work on you and you don’t have to do a thing but sit there.  This is great for the lazy (lol) shadow worker or someone who is just starting and wants to start clearing up their chakras and removing deeply stuck emotions.  Your soul will also be guiding the practitioner to release that which needs to be released in the order it needs to be.  So it really is a win/win.  Emotion Code is the basic training for practitioners and then they can add the Body Code.  I recommend working with someone certified in both if possible, as there is some really magical work that can be done with Body Code.  A good practitioner can locate and release all sorts of gunk from your body in random locations and you can feel it!  I would have to go back and look at my notes from my session but I remember having viruses removed, EMF toxicity, and heart walls removed.  You will know this stuff is actually working because you will feel your energy centers moving and shifting around.  Some sessions you might not feel as much because certain things had to happen to get to the next steps, and in the next steps, massive shifts occur.  I had one session in which one of the heart walls removed resulted in my entire energy field bursting out from my heart.  It felt like my energy field expanded several feet further out and was like a floodgate had been released, but in a good way.  It was amazing.  I can’t say enough about this work and look forward to more sessions in the future.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by Sonya Sophia Illig

Sonya Sophia is the best out there for EFT.  I did a training with her in Austin and was blown away by her beauty, presence and dedication to humanity with this life-changing work.  I recommend checking out her site and investing in the World Tapping Circle, or her 7-week Chakra Sweep.  More on that soon.  I used the chakra sweep myself and had some massive healing.  What I love about EFT is that it is acting almost like a form of acupuncture, clearing out energetic pathways and blockages, and removing old conditioning and programming and replacing it with new, healthy belief systems.  It really clears, balances, aligns and heals your chakras, which, as you will learn, is really important for self-healing.  It’s easy to do anywhere, anytime, and once you get the hang of it, you can do it on yourself for free.  I really do recommend investing in the monthly membership to the World Tapping Circle if you’re loving EFT because Sonya has many videos up on her site, as well as does a weekly World Tapping Circle live, focused on one specific topic.  Change your programming, change your life!

LifeChanged Self-Energy Transformation (LSET) by Michael Zarchian

These are the primary tools I’m using regularly with outstanding results and that I fully trust.  You can click on the links in the titles above to be re-directed to the websites where you can find out more information about these modalities.  There are other tools out there like Theta Healing, EMDR, NLP, and more.  I haven’t experienced any of those yet so I can’t comment yet.  The key is to just dive in and give things a try so you can see what you like and what you don’t like.  You got this Shadowbaby!

For more information on whether you are ready to enter a deep shadow work process, please check out my post , Are You Ready to Enter a Deep Shadow Work Process?