New Cage and Energetic Rape

I came from corporate world and suddenly went through a spiritual awakening and was thrust into this type of community by accident. I was initially blown away and dazzled by what was going on in Austin; I recognized there was a ton of talent and a world that I never knew of. After a year of being relatively immersed in it, I learned that this was the most dangerous community I could ever step foot in.

I have been an innocent person my entire life but I feel my innocence was completely robbed from me after dealing with the amount of trauma I endured in this community, and I barely left the house or attended any events. Am I saying I’m a perfect angel and that I don’t have darkness? No. But ultimately I do not purposely try to harm others and I do my best to not hurt people.

Do not expect that type of treatment if you enter into one of these communities.

If you have any trauma or codependency, you should definitely not be entering into these communities. If you are not super well-versed on narcissism, sociopathy, energetic vampires, cults, and psychopathy, do not enter into one of these communities.

If you want to become an expert on all of the above, at the cost of lots of trauma and PTSD, enter into one of these communities.

I never in a billion years thought I would become an expert on cults and narcissism. But I have been forced to after a brutal number of attacks. I was so attacked for one entire year that I had a complete nervous breakdown. If you have any light whatsoever and are innocent, stay the FUCK away from these communities or get your game on point. You are entering a war zone. They will eat you alive.

I have a friend who has been around these types of communities for many years, and he has observed everything I’m about to tell you. He was a blessing in the sense that he verified a lot of what I was seeing and that I wouldn’t be able to understand without validation. He told me that 95% of the people in these communities are not even conscious. That may sound like a high number but after experiencing the wide range fully, I see that he was absolutely correct.

Does this mean you can’t find good people in these places? No. I’ve found some good people. There are a couple of good groups but they’re centered more around some sense of mission or purpose. Does that mean everyone that enters those groups is “safe” or “legit”? No. You have to judge every single person individually. You better become a fking night hawk if you enter into one of these communities.

One of the biggest problems is that no one talks about what’s going on. It came to me this morning that I felt I’d been raped. People don’t shame rape victims but they sure as hell shame energetic rape victims. It’s not too different. Having these things happen to you can leave you feeling violated on so many levels. Do I feel like I went to Iraq after the last year here? Absolutely, yes.

I was accosted by number of fake “teachers”. Being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed that I was, I was listening to these people, who inevitably always tried to control me or submit me in some way, harassed me for bizarre things. I finally blocked them. A person had a concert at this one guy’s house and there was over a hundred people at this private concert more than once. This guy was the biggest love-bomber you ever met in your life. He pretended he was this lightworker and would talk about basically truth and evil. But he was the dark side himself. He targeted me as someone who was insecure and with low self-esteem and liked all his attention and compliments. He eventually tried to hypnotize me and make me dissociate. He was very psychic and could see all of my childhood trauma. He stole my energy egg and psychically attacked me for months after I told him off. Someone told me he was a polyamory cult leader but I didn’t “get it”. I hung out with him alone only once after he said he wanted to talk to me about hypnotherapy, and after he tried to hypnotize me (I’m a hypnotherapist, hello! He was using lines on me like “you are safe and comfortable” which is exactly what I say in my inductions; creepy. He also was whispering inaudible commands into my ear). I was high and the record jammed in his room three times before I realized my angels were trying to get me the fuck out of there. He ran his hands above my body and made a strange squeal of delight after reaching a spot on my back. I went for help with someone I was guided to later who told me I had a huge chunk taken out of my head and my back, and right when he said that, my back lit up in the spot where he had squealed, so I knew it was true. He had literally stolen my energy egg. Did I know what that was until that happened? No but I found out quickly. The biggest, most dangerous fake you’ve ever seen but hundreds of “conscious” people were going to this person’s house because he has a really nice house. I witnessed a woman who was clearly part of his little cult, a woman in her forties, who I saw was completely being controlled by him like a puppet. This was clearly a tremendously traumatized woman who needed love and he was feeding off of her. He wanted to add me to his little harem of women he fed off of. This was a narcissist and false light at its finest. Pretending to be an enlightened guru of some sort (he goes by the name of a Hindu god) with altars and spiritual pictures and garb around. But he was destroying women. I could see it so clearly. Why was no one seeing this? If they were, why were they going over to this person’s house? Were people truly that clueless or were they just not willing to speak out? Who would want to be at this person’s house? When he tried to groom me to be part of his little harem I said to him, “I know what you’re trying to do. I know you’re trying to groom me because I’m vulnerable.” And he laughed and said straight to my face, “you are vulnerable”. These people will show you who they are if you pay attention. To an outsider who is strong or able to see these things, he’s no threat. To women who have been traumatized, a person like this could destroy a person’s soul. Does anyone talk about this? No. They don’t care. They just want to go to a mansion. I can’t reiterate enough how incredibly dangerous this type of person is to a woman who has a history of sexual abuse or childhood trauma.

I met a soulmate and fell in love and opened my heart completely. This person led me on for eight months with zero remorse or empathy. He was someone everyone thinks is the nicest person on the planet but I saw the truth- that he was a sociopathic narcissist with zero empathy or care for others’ emotions.

I had fake light beings who made up their entire life stories and spiritual awakenings and were fooling lots of people. I witnessed other cult leaders. I saw these fake ass conscious illuminati terrorists, because that’s exactly what they are, backed by top dollar, funding fake tantra teachers who are spreading satanic practices to the general population (these people don’t care how many vulnerable sexually abused women they hurt, all they care about is money and fame).

I heard second-hand accounts of people at the Conscious Media Festival being one thing in front of the crowds and having a public persona and being completely different, nasty people when people weren’t around.

I never felt safe in this community. My intuition kept me away from almost every event. I have always been a loner but at some point I just did not feel like going to any event and it was clear why; danger was everywhere. People engage in orgies and drug-fueled binges all the time and call it “tantra”. I don’t have judgments for sex or drugs but they are spreading sexually transmitted demons, anyone can feel it and see it that has become energetically aware. I couldn’t date or have sex with anyone based upon the feeling I was getting around people. I felt people controlled by entities lunging at me left and right. I tried dating a guy and heard a strange clicking coming out of his head as if something was trying to come at me and eat me. I could feel it. This might sound completely crazy to most people. But when you’ve been physically and emotionally detoxing and cleansing for years you can see it, and the whole world starts looking crazy.

A lot of them are either not conscious about entities or are doing nothing to rid themselves of them. That’s their choice but do you want to fight off what they have? I don’t. You do not want to get the level 4 and 5 entities that they’re carrying, some of the worst entities and straight up parasites and demons are being spread around like wildfire in these communities. It’s obvious. I have no spiritual experience and can feel it. The only guys who ever came my way and every single person I met was clearly guided by negative entities to come after me. Anyone energetically aware will know what I’m talking about. But do these people actually realize any of this? I’ve noticed that healers stay far away from these communities once they’ve woken up to the truth of what they really are. I believe the only people in them are those unaware (codependents) and those who are narcissists or predators. I don’t believe there’s much in the middle. I believe at least 60-95% of them are narcissists. A lot are pretending to be conscious, somehow found this community and are pretending to “consciously relate” and all this other bullshit. It’s total smoke and mirrors. The whole. Fucking. Thing. Shocking for a person to witness and experience, no? But I’ve seen the light. I have recently met others like me and we all have similar stories. What’s dangerous about being in these communities is you get all their viruses and diseases through osmosis. Wetiko which causes narcissism is spread through osmosis. If you’re not aware you literally turn into them. My friends and I who used to be financially successful picked up the poverty virus. whatever these people carry, is spreading around.

We were fooled for many months by a friend and we finally recognized this person was pretty much doing black magic and consciously using people as an energy source. These people are energetic vampires. They know what they’re doing. They have chosen to live life as vampires and narcissists and to harm others purposely. They are well aware of what they do. They literally live and feed off of others’ energy. They are aware of it. They are not like you and me. They live life from a different perspective.

No one talks about any of this stuff. Why? Why is no one protecting others? A lot of people are getting seriously hurt and harmed. I believe these people leave these communities when they’ve learned and they avoid these people and just run out. These people have been seriously traumatized and victimized and they eventually learn, like me. They just want to escape and don’t want to risk psychic attack, which is completely understandable. But the reason why you won’t hear about it is because most of these people ARE THE PREDATORS. They just cycle through every wide-eyed bushy tailed person that comes through. Lots of people never recognize what’s going on and continue to get fed off of. The model is a wider representation of society; but it’s like going to actual war with the light and dark of the planet to enter into a community like this. It just is. I know there are some cool people but mostly they are a bunch of fake-o’s. I didn’t feel authenticity from the vast majority of them. You were either a fake-o or a victim or a predator. Not much in between. Because these communities attract lost, broken people like I was. I have definitely become stronger but there was a huge cost. I hope people wake up and stop feeling afraid to keep exposing these fake teachers, fake gurus, cult leaders, narcissists, energetic vampires, and conscious illuminati, the upgraded version of the illuminati (that the dark forces are working through!).

The dark forces are always one step ahead of the general population. They knew that they would need to create a new type of “conscious community” to target the light beings looking to escape from 3D, the true healers trying to make a change on the planet, looking for community and connection. They employ use of the top-talent dark beings of the world in these communities or they use people as entity hosts to attack the ones actually doing the healing work. No, you’re not going to find regular joes here. You will encounter the elite of the spiritual world on both the dark and the light side. The people who all attacked me were my twin flames and soulmates. The reason you get tricked is because the love between you is totally real. You can feel all the love from past lives, you’ve had countless love relationships and familial and friend relationships with these people from all of your lives. But that’s what makes them such incredibly effective. They are your soulmates. Why are that way now? Who knows. They turned to the dark. Most likely all soul families have split 50/50 between dark and light. Either that or whatever you’re feeling is just your own love being reflected back to you. What makes these situations so disorienting and traumatizing is that these are your soulmates, sent to take you out. You must learn to distinguish or you will be taken off your path….and no it’s not always conscious, in fact many times it is unconscious.

**update to this article** It’s been almost a year since I’ve all but left this community due to what was going on. The attacks have continued once per month or two on average, during the only time I even meet up with one person here or there… during my very few interactions with humans as I’m focused on recovery and healing at this time; I would say 50% of the time the person I meet up with or someone they’re with is used as a “host”. I could write a whole article about this…but essentially people are being used as hosts to attack others energetically. This is usually unconscious. This accounts for a lot of the attacks that happen. It’s come to my attention that generally the people who have unresolved trauma are the most likely vehicles for these entity attacks to occur…so it’s not as much conscious as I had previously thought…regardless I still stand by how dangerous these communities are…I believe a lot of people are realizing the need for shadow/healing work after going through similar things that I did…but I still do not recommend entering them..they are simply too dangerous and are breeding grounds for viruses and entities. I myself do not want to be a part of them at this time, I feel I need to be substantially healed before I would go back near any of this. Use discernment…

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