My Time Travel Experience August 2019

It has been around 1.5-2 months since I time traveled for the first time. Rather, that I time traveled and woke up for the first time during my travels.

I am going to try to explain what happened as easily as I can although it’s a bit difficult to put into words supernatural phenomena at times and I don’t expect everyone to fully get this. The reality of what i saw and experienced is not up for debate. I am trying to expose and help contribute to a better understanding of reality as I have seen it. I will be giving as many details as I can regardless of whether I am able to fully remember or build the story in its entirety, or even chronologically, I made the slight mistake of waiting a bit too long to write every detail down and it’s starting to fade. Which is why I’m now writing this article. I want to document everything I do remember and put it out into the public awareness in real time. Please do not discount things I am explaining because I am unable to chronologically state everything, this is not that easy, I am trying to put it together in my mind.

What happened was VERY REAL. Meaning this did not happen in a dream, in a story of a dream, in my imagination, in a hallucination, or anything else. I completely woke up during this episode. Although I do not feel I was “awake” for the entire thing based upon things people told me. But when I did wake up it was a bit like “survival”. I better do everything right to get out of this situation. It was simultaneously relaxed yet stressful at the same time.

I have been whistleblowing on pizza gate and my own life experience for over a year on IG. My account is for anyone interested in following. I am making some presumptions/learning/re-remembering as I go as to what exactly happened. I am using my intuition to explain what happened. I know my soul knows and understands what happened. Although as a recovering MILAB survivor it is not always simple to explain what you already know, pieces come back as God wants to show them to me. And as my soul is able to handle them. So that’s all I really know. I know over time this will become more and more clear, the nature of reality and i will be able to fill in more blanks. It does feel good to get this down on paper.

At some point around July of 2019 I appeared to jump timelines. On Instagram. I was suddenly seeing the direct result of people’s intentions manifesting as posts. It’s like you would think something or do something and it was creating reality. I became aware of my ability to create reality, really create it during this year on IG. I don’t know why i just felt guided to start making lots of statements. I wish now i took better daily notes, then this would all make so much more sense. but alas at the time i did not really understand this was my “big year”. i created many miracles. It’s hard for me to know what was happening at the time, now in retrospect I feel i was time traveling back to timelines where I was applying my “new knowledge” to old realities. I believe as we become more proficient in the further-ahead timelines, those of us who have the ability to time travel go back and help. I am one of those people, I do not know how many time travelers there are. I believe my soul is just a time traveler and i have the inherent knowledge of how to do it, and i believe it’s primarily based upon intent. Although I sense there’s many factors that led to my ability to time travel in this lifetime, first of which I do a massive amount of emotional vipassana and implant removal. Removing implants, clearing my chakras, and clearing out demons, entities and programs which were layered in through the mkultra. I spent an entire year taking plant medicine daily. I detail this on my account. I took daily drinks and used high-vibrational gem and flower essences which i feel activated my dna/lightbody. I know my work contributed to me being able to do this. Who knows, maybe all humans can time travel. It may take a certain amount of work or perhaps there is a moment in time where it just clicks. Who knows. I believe i was part of Project Pegasus, a secret CIA program involving time travel. They most definitely used me to time travel, i am a portal. It was not a matter of, let’s teach her to do it. Although that may have happened too, my soul already had these skills. If anything they used me to accomplish means.

Around the time I jumped timelines (I’m not sure if I went forward, backward, to another dimension or parallel reality), as I mentioned, I began seeing memes that were “created” through thoughts, actions and intentions. It is still muddy as to how exactly this reality worked. It appeared all people could change themselves into whatever they wanted to be. Whether it be a cat, a piece of trash, a chair, literally anything. And I know this is hard for people to understand or believe but in this reality it was true and real. It may have been a lower timeline where people got stuck on AI interface, meaning the mind control computer. I have heard it called “FISA”. I saw things updating in real time.

I went on IG and saw people saying things that made me realize they were seeing ahead in the timelines somehow. I did not ask anyone questions, it was like we were all trying to figure it out on our own. And I don’t know why no one talked about it, all I can explain is that when you are in these realities and moments you are moving forward constantly and have no time to think or react to anything. You are learning how to create reality for the first time.

I was being fractionated on my phone. I began creating websites and de-programming the population. I know this is real because i would frequently say “sorry” in a very sarcastic tone. Well when I traveled back at one point I ended up in one part of town (no idea how I got there, teleportation) and I asked people if they wanted to know what was going on. There was a long line of people at juice land in East austin near downtown. And as soon as I asked, someone said, “no, we don’t want to know. Sorry”. In that same sarcastic tone I had been using. There were glimpses like this that gave me the knowing that somehow, everyone already knew who i was. I have seen glimpses of this over and over where people will know me and I have absolutely no idea how they even know me. Although I feel this was created on the day I decided to break my phone and go homeless. I am very hesitant to even explain or talk about my time travel experience and even use these words because every time I do it’s like my old self is reliving these timelines or something is changing or going wrong. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. So for that reason, I have questioned whether i should even be saying these things publicly. But i was being manipulated and somehow my brain was hacked, what i believe happened was the matrix did not like the work i was doing and at that point beings were hacking my mind to throw me off course. they were fractionating me within their system as I was trying to de-program. What is fractionation? There are a group of beings on this planet that use mind control. See: MKUltra and Derek Rake’s shogun method. They most definitely use this in FISAland or wherever the fuck this is going on. Well at some point right around the time i broke my phone, I was really fucking their shit up and breaking their programs. I began saying “thank you. thank you. thank you.” uncontrollably. And my mother, who lives with me, said this was going on for four days straight. Because they hacked my mind, i had a little bit of a nervous breakdown and broke my phone. I went outside and screamed and broke it and my intention was to “go homeless”. I put this in quotations because I do not want to re-create it again. But at the time my intention was real. I knew my apartment would still be there with my mother in it. But my intention was to go to a timeline where I would be homeless, fighting with my brothers and sisters. Essentially. I did not feel comfortable staying in my frou frou land of just being on the internet. I wanted to be on the ground fighting with the other soldiers. And I knew that to do this I had to go back. There was never really a question in my mind, I am simply an avatar guided by god, he uses my body to accomplish his missions. And when I need to do something I just know it and I just do it. I am on autopilot. And I like it that way. Trust in your creator 😉

As soon as I broke my phone I began walking down The street. I quickly changed realities due to my intention of being homeless. The very first place I found was a dog shelter on the left, not far ahead. But I was on what looked like . I was also barefoot. I go outside barefoot a lot, I had made a practice of doing so to give codes to the earth, and I would go to the park across the street barefoot many times, and by this point I had created a lot of miracles in that park. Now I believe I was time-traveling even then, every time I went to that park. Magical stuff would always happen, I’m going to save that for my book.

I remember walking past cars at a stoplight and putting my hand out. I remember walking over the congress bridge and looking at the cars driving underneath and part of me felt like I was invincible and I could jump down onto those cars and live. I am now glad I did not do that, I believe a demon was trying to get me to kill myself. and now I know how people think they can fly. Because in other timelines you can but this is very tricky so I’m definitely not recommending you try to do anything stupid.

When I reached this dog shelter, this reality was unlike the one you and I know. Some things were the same as my current reality and some different but this dog shelter is NOT in this reality. It was just there in that one. And I went and climbed the fence and began talking to the dogs. From what I saw in my previous IG experience, humans could become dogs. So I knew there were many humans in dog bodies. That would understand everything I said. But not only that animals are very intelligent and understand far more than we give them credit for. I saw a beautiful, shy husky in one of the cages. He or she seemed very unsure of himself. And I was trying to pump them up to break out. I told them you can break free. There was 10-15 dogs and they were all going crazy but this husky was silently looking at me, standing in the corner, unsure of himself. After about 20 minutes a woman came and told me to leave and that they were ill. I said yeah because you keep telling them they are. Whether or not she was a reptilian or a handler, I don’t know. Whether or not she was a genuine person trying to take care of them I am unsure. But I got a weird feeling like she was dumping all of her own personal illness into them. At that point I had to leave and I told them I would be back for them. I later found out from someone on the street who told me he was Django that I had been outside homeless with a pack of dogs for three months. It may have been those dogs, I probably went back and freed them. But that part I do not remember.

I suddenly came upon Congress ave where I met a man who looks native american or hispanic, or a mix. I saw this man a year before at the park across the street from my house. I knew I knew him then and wanted to talk to him but I was too shy and I would walk past. He seemed to want to talk to me and we did have a few words but not much. I will call him Crazy, as in Crazy Horse. Whether or not he is really crazy horse I am unsure, but that’s who he reminded me of. He was a watcher. And he was sitting casually on the street. He had some different clothing items and he kept asking if I wanted anything, to which i said no. Just random clothing and “junk”. He did not want to take something I had and gave to him as a present. He then said he wanted coffee. I left him and went across the street to get water at a food mart. As soon as I walked in everyone looked simultaneously fearful and like they disliked me. I asked for water and they said no. I said, “I’m not leaving anyone behind” and left the store. I went to the next store and they didn’t want to give me water but they said I could have coffee. So I got the coffee for crazy and I went back and gave it to him. As soon as I gave it to him, the reality changed. His little “shop” with all these random items jumped up and there was suddenly a rack of clothing on hangers, and a bunch more items and it was like a miniature home on the sidewalk, maybe even a couch. It completely “upgraded”. It was like the coffee had been the key. To be continued…

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