My Mission

My mission is to help millions of people become aware of the power of shadow work.

I found shadow work after many years of struggling to find answers on how to help my borderline personality disorder.  Nothing else helped me.  Shadow work and energy work have completely changed my life, and rapidly.  I see changes and shifts every single session I do.  The psychiatric community treat BPD as a death sentence.  That is going to change.

A wise teacher once told me, if you have information that can help people, you have to share it….and so that’s the words I live by.  If we were to die tomorrow, what legacy would we leave behind?  How many people did we help?  I want to reach millions.  I will reach millions!

I’ve gotten training and am getting trained in several of the best tools in the world.  I am fortunate enough to have found and to work with the best healers in the world, and now I’m going to share all that I’ve learned and am learning with you!  My entire life is dedicated to healing myself.  If I’m spending all of this time and energy healing myself and sampling every healing technique out there, I want to be able to share the results with you.  I’m going to tell you what works and why.  I’m going to share my entire soul and journey with you.

If my work resonates with you, please support me in my goal to help millions of people by sharing my blog.  The more people I reach, the more I can focus on my healing and sharing with you.  My life purpose is to spread awareness of the powerful tools for transformation that are available to humanity now.

Anyone I feature as a guest editor, or any healers or people I work with that I mention on my blog – are the best of the best in the world.  They are people that I know, work with, and trust personally.  I am doing all of the hard work, re-discovering my true self and all of the tools for ascension, the evolutionary process that planetary species undergo, for you!

Our Mother Earth Gaia is in the process of ascending, as are we humans that live upon her.  To ascend, we must first descend.  I serve as an ascension guide, guiding you to your ultimate reality in every way possible.  I am here to live my ultimate life, no matter the cards I was given, and I’m here to help you do the same.  You are a miracle.  We are all miracles, and we are born to be happy and free.  I bow down in service to you and offer the deepest gratitude for your support.  Thank you for showing me your love, I love you.


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