Life After Awakening – Can I Help my Family?

My mom came and lived with me for a month and a half.

Her entities attacked the shit out of me. There was a whole army of reptilians that came with her. Can we help our parents?

My mom is 70 years old. Seeing what happened to her scared the shit out of me. She wasn’t herself anymore. She was being completely run by these entities. It was like a comedy show to observe what was happening. It’s sad, really. When you exit the matrix and you start noticing how people are straight up being RUN by these negative beings. The older generations, especially lightworkers or family of lightworkers, are especially susceptible. My sweet mom disappeared. She was being rude and mean to me. I was attempting to be vegan but her entities were having her buy me non-vegan snacks and foods that I couldn’t resist. These things were trying to sabotage me wherever they could. My friend was with me and we were battling these fuckers.

Things would come out of my mom’s mouth that were not her own words. They would be nasty to me. She kept talking about critters in the house that weren’t there. We were exhausted by these attacks. One night, she called out from her room in a little girl voice. “Eleni!”. “Mew!”. After over a month of her being here, it finally hit me. That voice calling out for attention was not my Mom. It was an entity, and they desperately wanted MY attention. That’s why she ended up visiting me.

I had read that a way to get rid of entities was to feel their emotions, their pain. The act of seeing them, and being with them completely, is like removing a curse from them. Once they’re seen, they can go toward the light. After being exhausted for over a month with these things, I decided I would feel their pain to set them free. I laid down in emotional vipassana. I started processing their pain through my body. It wasn’t intense, and wasn’t much different from what I did on my own. I imagined them screaming, wailing, crying. The sounds came through my mind as I physically processed. As I was doing this, my friend saw a black ball and chain come out of my lower back. I felt it too. The sensation I had as this was happening was crazy. I felt my reality massively shift and I felt that I had just let go of an entity or implant that had been with me my entire life, as well as with my mom her entire life. The work I was doing for her was directly connected to me. We are so connected to our parents that any work you do for them will undoubtedly clear you as well. I felt a deep sadness of losing this entity. It was like an old friend I lost and left behind. This is the work. Freeing and sending entities that are trapped within the pain matrix, lifting the curse. We are freeing ourselves, our parents, our ancestors, humanity.

My mom was a completely different person the next day. She was herself again. It was March 31st and a full moon. I had the chance, with the high consciousness, to have a conversation with her about everything that had been going on. My mom is a lightworker and knew what I was talking about. She wouldn’t have been able to hear me if we hadn’t connected on such a high-consciousness night.

You want to help your family and you’re an experienced energy worker/emotional healer. You’ve been doing shadow work a while. Feel their entities pain. Strike deals with them-you will go toward the light if I agree to see you. Call in “Truth Archangel Raphael” and your guides to assist. This is a wonderful way to assist anyone you know. Simply feeling that person’s pain has the same effect. It heals both of you and releases entities tied to that pain.

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