“Love and Light” – False Light Luciferian Agenda

With a heavy heart I come to you with yet another article about my trials and tribulations within the Austin “conscious” community. This absolutely needs to be exposed. All of it. And if I have to be the one to do so, wow, bless my heart.

I understand how it might look to others reading my articles. Why am I attracting so much negative energy. The so-called “conscious communities” are a BREEDING ground for negative entities who are latching on to people with unresolved trauma. It’s as simple as that. Taking the blame away from the people and simply highlighting how they have become carriers, or hosts, of these entities is more appropriate. Nonetheless, dealing with it repeatedly is a horrible experience. I have been re-traumatized over and over again due to my attempt to befriend or be involved with anyone in these communities at all. I have always known I need to stay away from these communities on a soul level. I only hang out with maybe one person every month or two. But inevitably it’s always the same thing; the dark luciferian entities work through these people to target me, come toward me, and it always results in months of negativity and attacks for me. At this point I am considering not having an ounce to do with so-called conscious communities or possibly moving away…although I know you can’t really escape this stuff anywhere if it’s meant to follow you. This is what someone on the spiritual or awakening path will contend with. The only way to avoid it or get stronger is to continue to ground, listen very carefully to your intuition about who or what to be around or stay away from, and to continue healing the trauma within ourselves that not only continues to attract these types of things but that allows us to fall victim to it repeatedly. The second part of it is learning to stand up for yourself no matter the cost and placing extremely firm boundaries if necessary.

I need to bring up the false light luciferian agenda termed “love and light”. This has absolutely nothing to do with true love and true light. Absolutely nothing. True love and true light do not avoid healing themselves. Now I’m not saying that someone is evil or bad for not healing themselves many people are simply afraid of healing and that’s a different story. I’m talking about the people who are going around spouting how everything is wonderful, who refuse to look at themselves, who refuse to self-evaluate or heal, who throw terms like “good vibes only” and who are completely AGAINST negativity in any form. What they deem “negative”. These are the people you want to RUN THE HELL AWAY FROM. I also have to point out that 90% of what people are channeling is false light. Meaning, these entities use every trick in the book to make people think that they are being guided by something positive when indeed they are not. They can reflect your own love upon you. They know what all of your weaknesses and hooks are. So for someone who is typically “stubborn” to help or guidance or who has a hard time giving in, they will tell you to “surrender” and follow their guidance bar-none. I cannot impress enough a positive being will NEVER ask you to surrender as this is a universal violation of free will.

I’ve witnessed this in someone I know where they were being told to think only positive thoughts and were being corrected every two seconds by this “positive” being to reframe their thoughts into something positive. Now this would absolutely result in more manifestations. Funny, I feel my head being attacked as I write this article. They do not want this information out there whatsoever. It is quite possible to have “positive” things happen to you and have synchronicities while being guided by negative entities. Because they are adjusting your “negative” thoughts to more positive ones, which makes you think they must be good. But in the meanwhile they are feeding off of your energy and trauma and also creating a LOT of anxiety and tension from constantly correcting “negative” thoughts with “positive” thoughts. This new age movement of doing this creates a TON of trauma in the body. You are now ignoring all of the wounds within you that are creating those negative thoughts and forcing a new more positive thought at the expense of your body. If you are keyed into energies at all you can feel the implication of what this does. No I am not saying mentalism isn’t a good thing to work toward along with meditation, and that observing and controlling your thoughts on some level isn’t needed. i’m pointing out that this is a backdoor entry for these entities to target people who are needing guidance and who are trying to push forward without enough true healing, that in the end is going to be to their detriment. Healing is number one. We can’t help others and manifest this immaculate life, when we are not even healed ourselves. It isn’t possible. Yes we can work toward our goals. But who would want someone healing them or helping them that was in constant denial of their own need for healing and pushing forward with goals that are completely unreasonable given their current level of healing? I wouldn’t want that healer working with me. And this is what people are doing. They’re using the “guidance” of these entities to create or manifest ultimate realities without even doing the healing work required to be a truly positive influence in someones life. Or to be able to give good advice.

Whatever someone wants to do with themselves is their own problem. But the problem comes in when these false-light guided people become extremely aggressive. And try to tell you that you are the breeding ground for entities (this just happened to me with someone which is why I’m writing this article). And that you are so negative. This person told me she was going to “guide me back to my divinity” (!!!!!). RUN.

I am NOT espousing anti-love and light. I am saying that there is a group of people who have so fervently latched on to an actual psyop agenda, who are being fed off of and they are trying to loop others into this energy, rather their entities are. And these people are getting calcified over. What makes the “new age” movement so confusing is that there are countless tricks and nuances to what is “real” vs. what is not. Generally speaking discernment has to be learned to avoid all of this. Listening to your intuition is paramount. If you want more information, of which I am no expert, I recommend a video on Black Earth Productions on You Tube that describes this a bit more in detail : Message to all the light (Dark Luciferian) Workers.

True light wants to heal. It does not placate you with fantasies of angels and ascended masters 24/7 and guiding you back to love and divinity. I too am still grappling with understanding all of this because I too have been keyed into some of this stuff in terms of guides, angels, ascended masters. I was told by MY teacher that you can only be helped by an angel or an ascended master if they are INCARNATED. I have reason to believe this is true. I also warn against anybody channeling anything outside of what they are finding WITHIN themselves via shadow work, meditation, etc. It is my current understanding that anything outside of ourselves must be thoroughly tested and that if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s best to not channel. It is my understanding that the people who are channeling, even for 10, 20, 30 years, who believe they are channeling good entities – that at some point during the ascension process they’re going to find out all of that shit was fake and dark entities guiding them and calcifying them over. And it’s not going to be pretty. It is also my understanding that these people are creating karma for themselves for channeling negative entities, regardless of whether they knew they were negative or not :(. Stay safe my friends.

Always take what resonates and discard the rest. Our task is to learn DISCERNMENT and Self-authority (no authority outside of ourselves). Which is why myself and all people are going through these initiations again and again until we fully learn. Many people have been looped into this stuff or gone through these things for 10 plus years and I recommend that people start looking to those people for guidance vs. their standard friend from around the block. I recommend Black Earth Productions and Energetic Synthesis as two places to start. Best of luck.

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