Jupiter in Scorpio: Allowing the Purge

The last few weeks have been exceedingly difficult.  My higher self created a situation where I was deeply triggered in order to unleash energies.  I totally knew that this was something I created; now I just need to get out of the way and allow the purge.

I’ve been unable to do anything but lay in bed for all hours of the night and day for weeks, allowing energies to rise.  Being around people terrifies me.  If I go outside, I want to come right back in.  Every time I try to do anything, I have to lay back down and allow the energy to rise that is tugging at me like a child incessantly tugging at my pant leg.  Everyone is feeling this way right now, I can feel it.  Whether or not it’s consciously recognized is tricky.  We are in the age of the purge.

Jupiter in Scorpio is between October 2017 and November 2018.  It’s a time where all of the old suppressed energies, patterns, emotions will emerge, flooding out like waters that can no longer be contained.

It admittedly hasn’t been easy.  I want to be free to feel good.  I want to enjoy the company of others.  I want to date, laugh and play.  But that is not what my body will allow right now.  This time is supposed to be about self-nurturing and self-care.  I feel that the energy of January is all about taking care of ourselves right now.  I’m usually pretty great at taking care of myself.  But since I’ve been so focused on taking care of myself with shadow work the last year, this additional addendum feels completely torturous.  Especially now that I want to go, go, go!  With my career.  Nope.  Lay down and rest.

I can’t do anything but submit right now.  I need to be able to relax, let go, love myself, deeply nurture myself, and enjoy being alone with myself right now.  The never-ending process of being alone which has littered my life, feeling like there is no beginning and no ending.

Not easy, but I’m trying my best.

If you are feeling these energies right now, you’re not imagining it.  The more we struggle, the more we suffer.

The entire world is purging right now.  I can feel it.  This feels to be a particularly intense purge right now.  Once it’s done, the outside world will feel different.  This whole year we will see lots of violent emotions rising to the surface, in ourselves and others.  We can be at peace with it, or fight it.  Allowing.  Believing.  Having faith that all serves an ultimate purpose.

May peace be unto you in these emotionally turbulent times.

Peace, gratitude, love.