After four months of emotional vipassana (this was spurred by a deep trigger that kept going), I seemed to have processed most all emotions in my emotional body and hit blockages that felt stuck, painful, and like energy was seeping up around them. I began attempting to “pull” these blockages out. It just happened; I didn’t know I was dealing with implants, but this is how I became aware that there was something else “there”. They were mostly in my solar plexus. I imagined my hands pulling objects out. I saw what looked like missiles coming out. Sometimes they were snakes, sometimes scorpions, swords or knives. I would just be pulling from the top and whatever the object was would present itself. At this point I had developed a keen awareness of my energetic body and could feel things coming out, the size, and my energy body moving around as I was pulling them out.

These objects began feeling painful in my body, and due to my discomfort, I began pulling more and more out. I went a bit too fast and I caution against doing this too quickly, but I pulled a number from my solar plexus and as I was moving through my right ribs, it felt like a cord of implants was unraveling, and then I suddenly felt what felt like a line of taps on my head above my right ear. This was an unmistakable sensation that felt as if there was a physical object in my head, and it felt like I had unraveled some sort of etheric electrical circuitry attached to it and it shorted. As I continued my work the next day, something similar happened. The feeling, again unmistakable, was of a physical implant in my head that gave the same sensations above my right ear. This alerted me to the fact I had been implanted, and I have begun the process of spending time researching these implants. There are ways to remove them visually, and my friend worked on the one in my head. I began pulling more implants out but eventually felt sick (you can’t pull out too many at once or can have a healing crisis), and stopped.

The other methods I used to relieve myself of these blockages were imagining purging from either end (gross but highly effective) or pulling snakes out. There could be snakes vaginally, in the penis, anally, or can be pulled out through the mouth. I believe a lot of women have etheric vaginal snakes that are causing reproductive issues. You may also see things “exploding” and releasing eggs or something else purging out of you. Whatever it is, don’t doubt it. You may see yourself vomiting or shitting out various fluids, colors, you may see people come out, creatures. It sounds strange but these could be entities of some sort, parasites, or etheric implants.

It’s sobering to realize that these things are actually in your body. I have now started utilizing the 12D shield found on daily to begin establishing psychic protection and will be learning about psychic defense using the website’s free resources. I highly recommend you check it out. I will be sharing more on this topic as I learn more.

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