How Shadow Work is Going to Save Humanity

I have so much adrenaline in my body writing this post.  This is the culmination of my life, this simple yet profound message.  I am starting to really live my life from a place of spreading my ultimate truth, and it feels great.  I refuse to believe that one person can’t change the world.  One person CAN change the world.  And that one person is me.  And that one person is you.  Yes, you.  You are more important that the entire cosmos combined.  You are the cosmos.

Shadow work is going to save humanity.

Every time you heal a wound, every time you heal a trauma, that healing is being rippled throughout the collective consciousness to every single other person who has experienced the same trauma.  Every time you collect lost soul aspects and return them to their rightful owner, you, and begin the process of putting yourself back together again – you are putting everyone else back together again.  WE ARE ALL ONE.

It actually only takes a few thousand people to shift hundreds of thousands or millions.  The healing effect is compounded exponentially the more people do healing sessions and the more people that heal.  We need deep workers and we need everyone to try out just one session.  If millions of people did just one healing session, we would see our realities change overnight.  And if a million people did a session, and then the next week they did another session, and the next week another, and another, one week after the other – you would see reality changing before your eyes.  We could be in the golden age in a year.  It really is that simple.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the external, and in everything around us.  The politics, the media, the bullshit.  The things that don’t matter.  There is much sent to distract you.

Everyone has their own life purpose, and I get that.  I am really intense about shadow work because it’s my life purpose, and you don’t have to be.  But even just doing one session – one session!  Can change the game for everyone.  You are not just a drop in the ocean.  You are the ocean in a single drop.  Something I read recently really struck me.  It was an article on (great website for soul work), 11 Traps Sabotaging Your Spiritual Growth.

I would like to add this paragraph which really struck me as absolutely brilliant.  I love the way Mateo and Luna write.  They have a gift for making complex concepts simple to understand.  This is under number 5, the trap of wanting to revolutionize the world:

“Once we wake up to the lies and corruption present in our current societal structure, many of us want to desperately change society. We fall into the trap of thinking that freedom, honesty, and justice can be created by changing the external systemAs a result, we buy into the “us versus them” and “divide and conquer” mentality that is a product of the ego’s tunnel vision. We don’t realize that we’re actually fuelling the corrupt system which depends on anger and chaos to thrive and survive. Instead of understanding that all true change comes from an internal revolution, we get caught up in the pursuit of external revolution which is fragile and transient.”

What this is saying makes a lot of sense.  Many of us are guilty of outwardly trying to change everything.  And a lot of that change is needed by speaking out, taking actions that help animals and the planet.  But then lots of actions are simply fueling chaos and anger.  No one is immune to it, myself included.  But ultimately, talking about politicians or trying to change deeply entrenched systems systematically isn’t really possible when those systems are purposely corrupt.  That’s the problem; they are purposely corrupt.  Many of us come from a place of true genuine desire to change the world.  But what if we can only change the world externally by changing our internal worlds?

The true nature of reality is that we are the co-creators of it.  Our thoughts and belief systems, conscious or unconscious, create reality.  The subconscious controls 95% of our thoughts, decisions, actions and feelings.  Therefore, what if your personal reality was primarily a reflection of your unconscious?  Would you want to go in there and see what’s inside?  What might you find inside of you that might surprise you?  You may strive to be a positive, happy person externally.  But if your subconscious is screaming at you that you’re a horrible person, or is telling you a multitude of other lies….if your subconscious is programmed to be negative….then your reality will be negative.  It’s simple law of attraction.  I will address this in more detail in a further post.

I’m not discounting the importance of yoga, meditation, diet, and a multitude of other things that should be done in conjunction with a shadow work process (if they’re not it’s a lot more difficult physically to get through).  But, the key difference between all of these technologies and shadow work is that they don’t result in soul retrieval.  Unless the person is an adept and has spent years meditating and can do shadow work while in meditation, which is totally possible.  I have not experienced years of these tools to be able to say for sure but one consensus I’ve heard from friends who have been studying this stuff for 30 years – is that shadow work is the only tool that unhooks us from anchors weighing us down.  Anchors that are so heavy, they can’t possibly be released by any other method.  The shadow work unlocks metaphysical and energetic locks – that cannot be unlocked any other way.

Shadow work is the most powerful tool for transformation simply because it accesses the mainframe of the computer and de-programs and clears out all the old junk.  All of the stuff that isn’t “you”.  The societal and familial conditioning.  The trauma.  Think of yourself as a computer.  Your subconscious is the house where all of the programs are stored.  There are millions of programs in there without your conscious consent, some large, some small.  I know because I’ve done enough work to see that it is literally endless, the amount of programs that have been installed in there.  That’s not to overwhelm you.  Because each person clearing one program is going to ripple that effect out into the collective consciousness.  If enough people clear one program, say thousands of people – the strength of one person’s consciousness has the ability to clear it out for thousands, and then thousands have the ability to clear it out for hundreds of thousands or millions, and millions have the ability to clear it out for billions.  If you don’t believe of the power of multiplicity in the study of human consciousness – simply look to the maharishi effect.  There was once a worldwide meditation organized in which 7,000 people meditated on world peace.  Global crime rates, casualties, and violence were reduced by 16% during the time of their meditations.  How could a relatively small group of people impact global consciousness so potently?  This is an attest to the power of the individual consciousness, and the power of a group of people who focus on the same thing at once.

What exactly is shadow work?  While the definitions online will vary, my definition of shadow work is “the removal of anything that is not inherently you” and “the healing of trauma”.  What is not you is all of the programs that were installed without your conscious consent.  Programs that were installed through hypnotic means while you watched television and movies.  Installed by teachers, schools, people, parents, family members, media.  A lot of it was installed unconsciously and unintentionally by said people.  They had it installed too and were simply regurgitating their programs.  Now that you know that you could potentially have all these programs installed on your operating system, and that your system is overloaded – can you see how this would result in a system that could crash?

We uninstall and de-program with shadow work.  I like EFT for the beginner de-programmer.  What is EFT doing?  It is exposing old unhealthy programs and replacing them with new healthy ones of your choice.

Back to the trauma.  It is the trauma that creates the hooks I mentioned previously.  The hooks are like anchors weighing you down.  They are weighed down by heavy, heavy emotions you repressed during childhood when you had no choice but to repress them and store them in your body.  When you were told to stop crying, to be a big boy or girl.  When you were abused.  When you were not able to voice your feelings and you dissociated from reality.  Every time someone denied your reality or your feelings, they invalidated it as real, they told you it was “bad”.  You couldn’t be bad, could you?  So you shoved it down.  And down, and down.  Over and over again.  Until now you were filled with layers and layers of repressed emotions that piled up like a mountain.

In addition, every time you experienced a trauma, your soul fractured off into pieces.  That’s right, pieces of you left your body, because they couldn’t handle being in your body during the trauma.  So now not only do you have these heavy anchors weighing you down, you’ve also lost parts of yourself.  We can see where this is heading…

Collapse.  Break down.  Dark night of the soul.  Suicide.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  It isn’t.  It wasn’t.  It was never fair and it was a violation of your being by a system that chose to mold you into a white sheep amongst millions of white sheep.  You had to mold yourself into that white sheep to survive and to be accepted.  Only you never felt right being that white sheep!  You were black.  And you suffered greatly.  You suffered every time you denied your true being.

Once you start de-programming, the weight of those countless systems starts lessening.  More space is freed up on your mainframe.  Your system can start breathing again.  It starts working better and the computing is more rapid.  It is up to you how much deleting and clearing you want to do.  One less program is better than none.  Two is better than one.  Three is better than two.

Shadow work also is looking at the shadow aspect of the self.  It is deeply delving into the parts of us that we have rejected, for one reason or another.  The parts that the world told us were not safe to feel or be.  When you deny a part of yourself, it goes into hiding.  But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t suffering behind the scenes.  In fact, it really suffers simply because you disowned it.  It’s the parts of ourselves that we can judge in ourselves or others.  It can be the parts of ourselves that are evil or bad.  It can be ugly, debilitating truths.  Nonetheless, these pieces of the pie complete the whole.  When we disown them, we’ve lost a piece of the pie.  We are operating as incomplete beings.  The shadow self doesn’t see itself as bad.  You see it as bad.  It just wants you to remember it and love it.  Once you love it and accept it, once your bring it back into your consciousness and embrace those aspects of yourself (in sessions or by using safe releasing methods, not in violent actions), you become whole again.  You gain access to abilities and powers simply by owning every part of yourself.  The most power an individual can possibly find is by integrating the shadow.  Integrate your shadow, and you will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Back to reality-creation.  If we want the external to change, how can we change it by looking outside of ourselves?  You know how people say we can’t change another person, we can only change ourselves?  The same goes for reality-creation.  WE are the creators of our own reality.  The reality we see in front of us is simply a manifestation of everything we have ever thought, believed, felt, and done.  Our beliefs influence our feelings, which influence our thoughts, which influence our actions.  If deep down in our subconscious, we have a program that says we are unworthy – you better believe our feelings, thoughts and actions will unconsciously reflect that false belief system.  It’s all a vicious cycle.  Feelings influence thoughts and behaviors.  Which influence feelings.  Which influence thoughts.  Which influence behaviors.  Down the spiral we go.  The key here is the subconscious.  Remember how the subconscious affects 95% of thoughts, actions, decisions and emotions?

Your subconscious is creating your reality.  The collective unconscious is creating all of our realities.  Therefore, there is nowhere to look outside and blame.  It is within every one of us.  We have unconsciously created the reality we currently live in.  This wasn’t done overnight;  it was done over thousands of years.  Thankfully, it doesn’t have to take thousands of years to undo it, once we become aware of it.  Reality will completely change in this lifetime.  I have every reason to believe it will be changing imminently in a variety of ways and will be exponentially changing at a rapid pace over the coming years.  There will be bumps in the road but I know the golden age is coming, and much more quickly than anyone can possibly imagine.  This is because shadow work and the desire to heal ourselves is going to spread rapidly.  Because of people like you and me who do the work and spread the word.  What I want to make clear is this is not going to be a long, drawn-out torture.  We are going to change reality overnight.  We are going to see massive changes over the next several years.  I fully expect to live in the golden age in this lifetime.

According to Teal Swan, 90% of relationships are narcissist/codependent.  If this is true, which I very well believe it is, because I’ve been experiencing it for years as has everyone around me – that is indicative of a societal pandemic.  It makes total sense that all of society would be locked in narcissistic/codependent relationships with one another because that is precisely the relationship they have to their own big brother, the system that has been created to keep them in place as a white sheep in a herd.  We are codependent to the system that we are a product of.  Think about it; it’s really hard to break away from the societal structures that are in place, isn’t it?  The system of going to college, getting a degree, becoming a something, having kids and a house and a dog and a picket fence.  To be a black sheep in this system would be to be an escapee from a codependent/narcissist system that keeps us safe, but at a cost.

Are you willing to forever be victim to a system that keeps you in codependency?  That keeps you in the imagined state of being safe, when really no such safety actually exists?  In this case you are a prisoner.  A prisoner of your own mind.  A prisoner of a false reality that was created by false belief systems and traumas that are keeping you entrapped.  But you can free yourself!  This is what shadow work does.  And the great part is that you are not only freeing yourself, you are freeing all of humanity.  The day you decide to free yourself, is the day you become your own hero.  The day you decide to free yourself is the day you agree to stop dissociating from reality, to stop living in a deep system of denial.  You become a wolf amongst sheep.

A wolf never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep (a bit harsh, I know.  But you will be a wolf amongst sheep if you make the brave decision to free yourself).  No one has to understand or give you permission to be you.

Once you free yourself, you will remember who you are.  You will no longer identify with the egoic construct that was created to protect you from this narcissistic construct.  You will return to true self.

“This isn’t a journey about becoming something.  This is about unbecoming who we are not.”  – Adyashanti, The End of Your World.