How I stopped a Borderline Panic Attack

I saw someone on Instagram post a picture of himself in tears after a BPD panic attack :(.  That was sad.  I am not an expert at stopping these attacks and have used xanax and lavender essential oil around my heart when I’ve needed to calm down in the past.

But I wanted to share what I did one time when I was so sick of having these terrible attacks.  Something really surprising that worked.

I got out my phone and turned on the video and videotaped my meltdown but I was looking into the screen at myself.  The terrified eyes, the shaking.  And as I watched myself in the “mirror”, I calmed down.  I saw myself and how scared I was.  I also saw that I wasn’t alone because I was watching myself.  This leads me to believe that the primary reason we have the attacks is because we have been deeply triggered to feel that we have been abandoned, that we are alone, that we disappeared, that we no longer exist.

As soon as I saw myself, as soon as I was “with myself”, and I could see proof of that, I calmed down.  I saw my eyes soften, and my heartbeat started slowing down.  Within 30 seconds to a minute of just watching myself, I totally relaxed and even smiled a bit.

Thought I’d share in case this could help someone 🙂

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