Borderline Personality Disorder

I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at 27.

I spent ten years on anti-depressants.  I went to therapy weekly for three years after being diagnosed.  None of that helped or worked.  What did work was leaving my career for my true life’s purpose and getting physically healthy with a better diet and yoga.  But the cincher that really helped me and is helping me heal is shadow work.  I never personally used dialectical behavior therapy and I’m sure it’s excellent.  I greatly admire Marsha Linehan for her groundbreaking work to help those with BPD.

When you go through a trauma, your soul fractures off.  It is this fracturing that leads to an “incomplete” person.  Think about that for a second.  You’ve literally lost parts of yourself.  No wonder you’re so sick!  I have used many modalities to help myself heal.  They all have a specific purpose, are all super powerful, and they all aid in your healing.  Completion Process by Teal Swan has been, in my experience, the most powerful tool for my BPD recovery.  But that’s not to say other modalities aren’t equally important, as they can play different roles and functions and serve as ancillary “helping” tools.

It is my opinion that “wanderers”, or those who came to Earth to help out, get BPD for various reasons.  The primary (and obvious) reason is that these souls usually come into dysfunctional families to break genetic lines of abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.  They choose difficult lives.  If you have come from a background of any type of abuse and have BPD, you must know that you are a special soul here for a special purpose; not a cursed or broken individual.  Secondly, you have gifts that must be harnessed.  I do not believe anyone that has BPD is not a wanderer.  If you look at the Law of One (a channeling by the Ra complex), you will find that those with personality disorders come from higher dimensions and have trouble adjusting to Earth’s lower density and frequencies.  This, especially in combination with the abuse background, can result in a personality disorder.  The ability to dissociate is also passed down genetically.

If you have BPD, you are special.  You are exceptionally emotionally sensitive in a world where emotions have been forgotten, shoved down, and medicated.  You are empathic and have the ability to be a great healer, nurse, childcare worker, or other helping profession, and more.  To be an artist, musician, writer, visionary.  These are gifts that need to be managed and harnessed.  I use shadow work, maintain my vessel (being my body) through diet and practices, and use energetic work to heal.  It has taken me some time to learn and implement all of the various things and techniques to keep myself in working order but it is very possible.

Ultimately, you are very sensitive and you have to treat yourself as such.  Sensitive to foods, sounds, energies, people, places and things.  Treat your body like a temple.  Pay attention to all of your products and foods coming into contact with your body.  Keep your space clean and energetically sound.  Plant and animal medicines (ayahausca, Kambo) have helped me greatly (please research in depth before taking either).

I have been medicine-free for four years and although I still have some symptoms, the more shadow work I do, I see them going away or lessening.  The most important thing for me has been soul retrieval (Hypnotherapy, Completion Process, etc.), followed by other “emotion”-based modalities (EFT, Emotion/Body Code) to further heal the emotional body, followed by other energy-based modalities that clear and move out energy as you’re doing the work (pranic healing, reiki, acupuncture, etc.), combined with healthy diet and lifestyle.  Gluten was the number one culprit that kept me in autoimmune disease for years, although now I can eat gluten after spending years cleansing.

You can get better.

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