I am now offering one-on-one shamanic services.  

Customized, procured and delivered plant medicine based on your astrology and needs, along with shamanic counsel/mentoring.  Whether you are looking to up your game or find yourself, plant medicine is your calling. Why go through life blind, or without intention?  Do you want to heal and integrate? Integration and retrieval of lost aspects of self is the key to self-mastery, elevation and flow. Activate your light body and DNA to its fullest potential with gentle, everyday plant medicine + recommendations for journeying.

Plants have given me a purpose, a calling, they’ve helped me to find myself and to understand the world through the lens of my own soul.  “To know thyself, is to know others.”

3 months  – $1500 

6 months – $2800

1 year – $5,500

VIP Package 1 – $50k/1 year

VIP Package 2 – $100k/1 year