Ok here it is. I hate writing about this topic. This is a very confusing topic that I’m still trying to figure out. I have had many many people come into my life the past 1-2 years that I now believe may have been handlers. I am simply going to present the evidence and you decide. I am leaving out names for now until I am sure with 100% certainty what these people are, I may never use their names. This information needs to be public because a lot of people are being handled particularly 144k.

I could probably write ten articles on this topic so this one will be just on the last person. There are SO many nuances it becomes difficult to tell what is happening. First of all we are all double agents. Meaning people can switch from light to dark and repeatedly. This is part of what makes it so difficult to know because people can just be assholes or pieces of shit.

Also when people have trauma and they are not doing shadow work, they can easily be taken over (possessed).

I met someone recently and he tried to fuck me the first night I met him (red flag – reptilian they’re desperate to drop their fucking poopy load into you). I declined hanging out the first night but hung out with him not long after. Now mind you i have a history of sexual abuse so I’m still working through that. With boundaries. I hung out with him and he was pressuring me VERY heavily for sex and being a whiny little BITCH about it. He told me all his trauma (which is fine) but I was warned satanists all do this because they know as empaths we will really feel bad for them and stick around or try to see the good in them. It’s a fucking act. He also sat there and told me how much he hated white people, which I held lots of space for and tried to hear his perspective. So here is what they do, they always send exactly whatever it is you’re currently wanting. I may have even thought in my mind that I wanted to be with a black man because I was having problems with the other races. But evil is intelligent, it makes you mad at each race or type of person one at a time, then keeps sending the next “model”. It KNEW I wanted a healer, someone who was entrepreneurial, and someone who was real, not fake, and an activist. And that’s exactly who showed up. Coincidence? He was at an event I went to and I know they know what i’m going to do next they have many agents watching me. Plus it’s artificial intelligence and they’re using our phones to study patterns, track us, etc. They don’t even need the damn phones they’re aliens. By the way when the phone screen flashes you’re being memory wiped.

Long story short he was telling me how every girl he met didn’t want to have sex with him (trying to make me pity fuck him) and made him wait. Uh BITCH THAT’S CALLED NORMAL. Fucking asshole. I hate him.

Men have become deluded, sick monsters. They think it’s their right to demand sex right up front on day one and harass the shit out of you till you fuck them. GET A FUCKING SOUL (oh yeah you don’t have one).

So basically I finally woke the fuck up that these absolute rapists will not take no for an answer. They may not outright rape you but they will harass and guilt you by using their trauma as the excuse to get you to pity fuck them. But really they are desperate to drop their poopy load into you, they’re evil reptilians. And I found out from a friend later that that guy actually did try to rape his friend a week before. Men can not control themselves any longer. They’ve become absolute monsters. I don’t give a FUCK if you gotta whack off thirty times before you see me. And if you can’t lay in bed or sleep next to a woman without being a rapey pig you need to seek years of therapy. You need to get castrated RAPIST.

There’s no reason why a woman shouldn’t be safe to hang out with a man in a home and get to know him (we shouldn’t HAVE to go into a public setting 30-50 times just to prevent A RAPE YOU FUCKING SICKOS). If I can’t sit with you or cuddle with you or even sleep in the same bed without you touching me, groping me, or trying to fuck me YOU NEED TO GET HELP. LOTS OF IT. Insane mother fuckers.

Women NEED TIME TO DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN BEFORE SEX. They need months and many meetings. Fools. Self-entitled PIGS. Eat mud pigs.

So this guy pressured me greatly and as you can see I am seething with anger that I was subjected to this ONCE AGAIN. When you are sexually abused as a child you shut down as a coping mechanism, even in adult life, and have trouble putting boundaries, especially sexually. He even commented that I laugh when I’m nervous. YEAH mother fucker. Cause you won’t leave me alone. I can’t even fucking sit here and exist without you groping me rapist.

Long story short he pressured me so much and then he also sang a “prayer” to my vagina which sounded like a curse, and later on I found it and broke it, and I felt his energy enter the room.

Now you would think I would never see this person again. But I thought someone brainwashed me about him. He also had a shirt with a sleeve that said hustler as his main facebook cover photo (satanists ALWAYS reveal so you need to pay attention to symbolism and words like that in their facebook). He also created this corny ass crest that had a double-headed eagle, which is masonic. I find it hard to believe that’s a coincidence. I am looking at it now i just unblocked his facebook and yep it’s the exact same double headed eagle with the crown with the cross above it which is the same as the Scottish Rite Freemasonry -The DoubleHeaded Eagle of Lagash is used as an emblem by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

See he’s not hiding he is telling you he is a hustler. If you fall for it you’re stupid kind of thing.

So I need to wrap this up now. Long story short- he told me ” I know who you are”. And he said that several times. He started talking about a person who I know is one of my past lives without me ever mentioning it to him (no you don’t know who I am you were told and then you told me a story about this person to try to connect me to you). They try to trauma bond you by telling you your own story. Also, he was “living with his mom” the first time I met him, and then when I saw him a month later, he was all of a sudden living in this really nice house with a roommate who he said was a “director”. This house was too perfect, it looked like a movie set. You walk in and there’s an olive green antique looking couch. There’s a MASONIC checkerboard floor in the kitchen. And there’s just a lot of weird decorations that look masonic. It looks like a movie set and I say that to him, and he immediately says, “no filming.” I’m getting angry just writing this this piece of shit is 100% a mason.

He also tried to program me the first time we hung out to fuck him, he started singing to me, “we only have tonight”. That’s programming.

When I went to his house, we were outside and his friend was doing some gardening, they start playing music. I had taken some plant medicine. And I was entering a trance. There was 10 plus songs in a row that felt like it was telling a story, a story about me and this man. And I processed it all because I’m a shadow worker. But the songs seemed to be telling me that I had “finally found my one” type of thing. They made me think he was my twin flame, at least that was the intention. Before I went to his house I told him clearly, that I was going to be celibate until I found my twin flame. To prevent his rapiness (but he ignored it and still tried).

He also showed me a video of a lame guy who called himself shadow god or something, trying to make me feel stupid about my name shadowbaby. He also said, “we “”””‘. “We” are noticing”. He made several statements like that. “We are wondering if this is just a phase”. He wanted me to drop this name. He also said “cleanliness is godliness”, and then he made a nasty comment that if I wasn’t going to fuck him, we shouldn’t be laying around but should be working. Out of nowhere like sorry i thought we were just hanging out. These people are pieces of shit. They look for every chance they have to abuse you, shame you, and make you feel bad about yourself. He would also keep talking up veganism but ate like shit he would eat Sam’s club chicken (absolute poison). I couldn’t even be around his frequency to be honest it was not good. He had a lot of root chakra shit that was literally trying to go into my body even as I laid next to him. Because there was black fucking goo in him desperate to enter my body and that’s why they sent this mother fucker so he could dump his load into me (I would have never recovered). Even just laying next to him I got sick.

What else. I asked him to get onto a call with me with several people and he said he was a “Producer”, and he only spoke to “directors”, not actors. He was avoiding getting on a call with these people because he knew that they would catch him.

He also tried to play the race card and say I’m racist because i said my body was rejecting him because I’m programmed not to be with a black man (I probably am but you know what I really think he was triggering me so badly that I was getting light-headed because he simply was a sexual predator). I was in denial and told myself that they must have programmed me not to be with a black man. I thought that my mkultra programming was trying to keep me away from powerful black men. And I’m a shadow worker, since he would not stop pressuring me for sex, that unfortunately became my excuse after I ran out of excuses why I didn’t want to fuck him. He just bullied me to death until I had to come up with a fake reason and now he’s accusing me of being a racist. But really HE is the racist. Yeah play that card. I’m not falling for it. Let me make it clear. His sexual predation was triggering me so badly my alters were making me light-headed. And I incorrectly assumed it was because I had been programmed to stay away from black men. I assumed that my handlers would not want me to be with a powerful black man. And I tried communicating that to him, that my body was rejecting him because of my programming (my assumption due to becoming light-headed). Make sense? Yeah he’s now saying I’m racist lol. That’s his excuse because he’s a masonic piece of shit.

When we were outside and I went into a trance, I put my hand on his leg. I do not remember putting my hand anywhere near his penis (and if I did it was unintentional and that shit is small because I didn’t notice). He claims I was holding it which is quite possible because I was on plant medicine, went into a trance and I am a shaman and his penis was filled with entities, it actually is quite possible I inadvertently was trying to heal his penis (lol). Now is he going to say I’m the sexual predator? he goes let’s go inside and then tried to say I was holding his penis in front of his roommates. I doubt it probably just another lie but if I was he should be thanking me for my healing services and I’ll send him the bill.

He also claimed he’s been in Austin 3-4 years when I’ve never heard of him or seen him. I found out he just arrived so he lied. He also supposedly stole $10,000 from his business partner. I thought maybe his partner was the handler but it’s HIM. HE IS PLAYING THE RACE CARD. Disgusting because I know racism is a real actual problem but then there’s masonic pieces of shit like this who cry racism every five seconds to make people feel sorry for them so he can fuck them and drop his black goo inside of them.

I’m trying to think of what else happened. Oh yeah. So then after I leave he asks me to pick him up somewhere and take him somewhere (these people are always extremely entitled and expect you to wait on them hand and foot and drive them around like chauffeurs). He was rude to me and said something about how we were just laying around and he would rather get work done at least, so I was mad at him and didn’t want to talk to him and he picked up on that. So then he asked to come to my house for two days to stay with me and get work done because “his roommates kids were visiting and he wanted to lock in a job”. It just felt like an excuse to come dump himself on me for another two days and be rapey. At first I said ok even though I didn’t want him to, but he made me wait hours (they constantly play these dumb trauma-bonding games). It got late and I said he could come over the next day instead, I sensed his energy resisting this but he said ok, then he said he was going to visit an oracle (I love psychics and I bet they knew this). Later on he calls me at 1:11 in the morning (trying to make it look like a synchronicity) and sounds frazzled and tells me that he needs me to pick him up (are you fucking kidding me I barely know you-just writing this is making me irritated). And when I said no basically he got belligerent and said he was being set up and someone tried to murder him. He wanted me to feel sorry for him and come pick him up but really who knows, maybe he was trying to set me up. He felt me slipping away. I don’t even know maybe they were going to kill me.

Handler! I hate him.

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