Emotional Vipassana Tips and Techniques

Emotional vipassana is what I would say should be number one in any shadow worker’s arsenal, and I really want to blast out awareness of this tool because I think it’s going to be a critical self-help tool in the coming years. It’s free, anyone can do it, and it releases the low-vibrational energies in the body that were suppressed as children and throughout our lives. When you release low vibrations from your body, your external reality will shift and you will manifest a higher-vibration reality. This is also going to assist in the upcoming Gaia or planet Earth ascension, in which Gaia will be ascending to the 4th and 5th dimensions. Currently most humans are in 3D due to the massive amounts of trauma stuck in their bodies. Releasing them is going to allow you to join the Earth in her ascension and to not feel so uncomfortable as the vibrations of the planet elevate. You may be feeling increasing anxiety, depression, etc. all around you and part of this is because we are being forced to release or we can’t move forward with the planet. Do not suppress any longer.

Emotional vipassana (EV) allows you to release these energies safely. It is a form of meditation or vipassana, and can be described as the process of being completely unconditionally present with your emotions and bodily sensations. You should lay down in a comfortable position and get really relaxed and meditative. You might want to use healing frequencies in the background, use some calming essential oils like lavender. You want to just relax, breathe, and allow. You can do this for 10-20 minutes a day or for hours. The more you do the better, but some is always better than none and in the beginning it might be really hard for you to do this. You may have been shoving down your emotions for so many years that you have no idea how to feel them. This is ok. If you fall asleep, that’s your resistance and IT IS OK. Be really patient and kind to yourself. This is a self-love practice. You are going to be giving your body and your emotions the gift that they have always wanted, which is your undivided and unconditional presence.

As you start, you may feel resistance. Fully feel the resistance. To feel any of these emotions or cover emotions (emotions that form a layer over another to “protect” you from the underlying emotion),you have to allow. You can’t force at all. In the beginning I made the mistake of heavy breathing and pushing and this isn’t like pushing a baby out (lol). It’s more like being in labor for 24 hours and breathing and relaxing and allowing a rebirth to occur on its own during the contractions.

Here is a list of tips:

1. Always allow, don’t force or push
2. Resistance is an emotion in and of itself. Feel it fully until it dissipates and something else arises. If you feel frustration to your resistance, first feel the frustration or punch your pillow. Become aware of all “cover emotions” (emotions that lie on top of another to protect you from the underlying emotion) that are forming layers overtop each emotion like a sheet of ice you will “fall through”.
3. If you fall asleep this is a form of resistance, just continue or try another time but don’t beat yourself up, this is your body protecting you, and you can fall asleep 500 times if you have to before you can get to the underlying emotions; it’s ok
4. Breathe regularly or lightly but don’t force heavy breaths. Just breathe naturally. You want to be super relaxed, laying down, and meditative
5. Any amount of time is great (10-20 minutes a day). If you can do it for an hour or more you can have some big shifts and breakthroughs and I recommend doing that as much as possible
6. If you notice yourself suppressing or pushing down energies, try to be cognizant of that and then release the muscles in your body that are doing the suppressing (pushing down). A lot of us do this with our stomachs unconsciously
7. In the beginning of the session, tell your inner child, “Eleni, I am here with you now.” Connect your heart to hers (you can visualize it). You want to imagine you are in your inner child’s body, that the two of you are merging. Continue asking her “how do you feel?” Listen to what she says. “Sad”, “Afraid”, “angry”, “ashamed”.
8. Scan your body and locate any tension or heaviness and start where it’s the most noticeable. What color is the emotion present? Does it have a texture?
9. Once you find the tension or heaviness or other sensation (start getting used to identifying bodily sensations and feelings), you can alternate between imagining you are a drop of water falling into the location, getting consumed by the feeling. When you do this you should feel your whole body being overtaken by the sensation. Allow it. Just sit with it until it dissipates, don’t repress it. Usually when you sink into heaviness you find numbness and your whole body may go numb and stay that way for a while. Just sit with it until it releases and you start to feel lighter or feel your body coming back to lightness.
10. You can also imagine the emotion or sensation expanding outward. Imagine it filling your body, the room, the house, the city block, and so on until it completely expands and releases. This is a great way to “peel the layers” of the emotional body
11. There’s lots of cover emotions which are nice to become aware of. Anger is a cover emotion for powerlessness. Numbness is a cover emotion for grief, resistance a cover emotion for any emotion, hatred a cover emotion for hurt. So once you sit through the cover emotion and fully feel it, you should then slip through some “ice” into the deeper underlying emotion; stay with it
12. Tell your emotions, “I am ready to fully feel you”, “Sadness, I am here with you”, “shame, I love you”. You are validating, accepting and loving your emotions. They are sentient beings, like children within you that just want to be accepted as they are and loved. This is the hallmark of the practice is full unconditional acceptance for your emotions and what IS
13. I won’t be teaching full soul retrieval here but you can tell your Truth Higher I am Self, “truth higher I am self, please retrieve all fractured soul aspects relating to these emotions”. Your higher self will retrieve them for you. It’s best to do full soul retrievals in memories using The Completion Process but this is for beginners and is also good to use if you’re too tired or otherwise unable to do a full completion process
14. Soul retrieval on steroids: You can also imagine all your perpetrators forming one figure (you don’t have to know who they are or see them). Just imagine. Then imagine purple light around your right hand and place your hand on the heart of your perpetrators (all in one figure). Call back fractured soul aspects and see them shooting through your hand and arm like white light fragments. These are all coming back into your body, the lost parts of you.
15. You can try various techniques out and get creative, there is no one way to do this and everything is right. You can create your own methods of soul retrievals, releasing energies, etc etc the sky is the limit.
16. I like to imagine myself vomiting up energy. This is actually releasing the energy from your body. You may see black stuff come up, or any color; you may see a snake come out. Send all to the light. You may feel any object of any color and texture come out. Whatever it is, it’s right. Just purge. You will feel your body become a bit weak and feel a bit “void” after you purge this energy, verifying this actually occurred.
17. When you’re done you can imagine yourself swimming in golden waters or drinking golden water (this is from the completion process) or any other “refilling” technique which will regenerate you with positive white light energy. This is “restoring the battery”
19. This is a process that heals your chakras. As such you will feel things moving, shifting around. You will feel blockages emerge and might have to sit with them to release them from various chakras. Whatever arises is unique to each person but this is ENERGY HEALING. You are healing your own chakras. Allow the energy to flow freely and move wherever it pleases; your energy body is repairing itself.
20. You can do color therapy, imagining various colors that you intuitively want to blend on to various chakras, and imagine yourself blending.
21. Try anything else! No wrong way to do this as long as you are allowing, practicing patience and self-love, and NOT TRYING TO CHANGE WHAT IS
22. If anger comes up, you have to release it. Don’t resist and just let it pass take the opportunity to scream into or punch your pillow, you have to release those energies or it will get repressed again
23. Powerlessness feels almost like painful nothingness. It might feel like nothing is happening but try to recognize it because it is, you’re sitting with paralysis so feel what nothing with a tinge of pain and overwhelm feels like.
24. Overwhelm is an emotion. It will feel overwhelming. Just allow overwhelming to come through you until you no longer feel the energy associated with overwhelm. It’s an actual (strange-feeling) energy
25. Fear is an actual energy and when you feel it, please feel it completely! You don’t have to think of a thing (and shouldn’t), you are just being fully present with the bodily sensations and energy of fear. Let it release and purge it might feel like tingling and your eyes will bulge , allow all sensations
26. Allow your body and face to scrunch, move around, allow expressions to form. Just allow it all. This is your body’s way of releasing the energies. You may feel things releasing from your sinuses, your facial structures, head, behind your eyeballs. Feel all feels completely.
27. Confusion and lost is a fun one (not lol). Just feel the confusion, again don’t attach thoughts to it or try to understand it, it’s just an energy from the past you are releasing.
28. Generally you don’t want to think thoughts in this process, and you don’t have to judge yourself for thinking them, but you can recognize that there is no need to place your current reality’s thoughts around these emotions, you are just processing the energies from the past. For instance, if you’re feeling confused, you may think this is because you are presently confused about your life. You may not process all of confused, and then in your day to day you might continue feeling confused. Recognize when emotions from EV are carrying over into your current life and then when you recognize that, simply do your EV to release them.
29. You can ask your emotions if they have something to tell you or what they want to tell you. The more in tune with them and your inner child you can be, the better. Becoming conscious of as many aspects of these emotions, and knowing “who they are” and what they have to tell you, the better and the more healing you can have.
30. It is COMPLETELY NORMAL to feel pain in your body while doing this, either throughout or locationally. It is normal to feel some pain twinges or shooting pain occasionally if you’ve seriously shoved things down. For instance, a lot of people will get the shooting pain from the abdomen because many of us hold our pain in our stomachs. It’s ok and if that happens you didn’t do anything wrong, you are releasing all this pain you’ve been holding in and that’s been making you sick. Let it happen. Your body is healing.
31. Other sensations include burning. Tingling. Shaking (shaking or convulsing is great because it is the nervous system readjusting itself, let it happen). Hot/cold. Pressures on certain areas of the body (head, eyes).
32. Emotions get stuck in various body parts for various reasons and you may want to ask why that emotion was in your heart, your foot, your eyeball, your liver.
33. Dissociation is a thing. If you dissociate, allow dissociation. That is an energy in and of itself. Just feel yourself dissociating and allow it until it dissipates.

Once your’re done, take a hot salt bath for at least 20 minutes. Himalayan salt, sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda are all good. You can buy a $5 bag of solar salt from Home Depot or Loews. Add 2-3 cups for maximum absorption of heavy energies, this is cleaning out your energy field so you don’t feel “dirty” or “heavy” afterward. Or you can take a shower and use a salt scrub, add some scrub to your loofah. Whatever you do, you should take a shower or bath afterward to cleanse if it’s a heavy session. You can take MSM crystal capsules with lemon juice or another form of vitamin c to cut cells (vitamin c amplifies the power of this times 10), and drink plenty of water. I like to use activated charcoal, or another type of edible clay (diatomaceous earth food grade, bentonite clay), these bind to the toxins and carry them out. Help support removal of toxins as you are releasing a lot of them. Any cleanses and liver cleanses can assist but be gentle on your body.

Good luck!

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