Benefits of Emotional Vipassana – The New Yoga!

There are so many benefits to emotional vipassana and if everyone did this the world could shift really rapidly. Emotional vipassana is the new yoga!

Help the planet ascend to 4D/5D. Gaia is currently in the process of ascending from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimensions. The more people who release low-vibrational energies, the more quickly she can heal and ascend. Heal yourself, heal the planet, let’s all ascend together!

Have you noticed that people are becoming more crazy? More anxious, aggressive, and violent? The planet is ascending. She’s raising her vibrations, whether we like it or not. The more we stay trapped in 3D vibrations, the more and more agitated we will get as the energies vibrate higher around us. If we keep trying to shove them down (unconsciously), it will just result in more mania. This is why there is a lot of chaos going on in society. There is a lot of unconscious resistance to raising our vibration.

Shifting Realities
Certain emotions like fear, shame, sadness, anxiety, grief, anger are low-vibrational energies. We don’t want to distinguish them as “negative” because our emotions are simply barometers to tell us the truth about how we’re feeling. They are our strongest form of intuition and protect us. However, some emotions are low-vibrational and some are high-vibrational on the scale of consciousness. Low-vibrational energies are not “bad”, they are simply meant to flow out and through us, the same way high-vibrational energies are. We want to get into a state of expressing all emotions as they arise, and not suppressing, which leads to stagnation of energy. Not releasing high-vibrational energy has a similar effect to not releasing low-vibrational energy; stagnancy. This can come when we stop creating, playing, loving, laughing, and living. All emotions need to be expressed! There is no good and no bad!

Releasing low-vibrational energies such as pain, anxiety, depression and fear will shift your external reality as your body becomes lighter from energy release. Right now the average human has a LOT of low-vibrational energy trapped in their body. This comes from societal and familial programming where we are taught that it is not safe to express our emotions. “Stop crying”, “Be a man”, all of these words have a severe impact on children. Children come into the world believing they are safe to express all emotions until they get the clear message that not only can they not express their emotions, it is unsafe and dangerous to do so. We learn through punishment and overt/subtle messsages throughout our lives that it is not ok to express our emotions. Children are incredibly advanced intuitives and the slightest disapproval of our expression can lead to depression, anxiety, and forced suppression to gain the favor of the adults around them. Suppression is a survival mechanism.

We are forced to suppress so much of our emotions as children that by the time we are adults, sickness prevails. Mental, emotional, and physical illness are all a direct result of suppressed emotions and trauma. If you had a dysfunctional childhood filled with trauma, then you can guarantee you are filled with bottled up emotions. If you come from a family that demands constant positivity and does not allow freedom to express all emotions, you are just as much a victim to trauma. That is HUGE trauma. I would say that the people who come from families like that are nearly as traumatized as sexual abuse victims, and they definitely have suppressed massive amounts of low-vibrational energy.

When you begin the process of being fully unconditionally present with your emotions, you will begin transmuting the energy surrounding them. EV is tapping in to childhood repressed emotions. A lot of it is old stagnant energy that never got released. You are releasing, loving, accepting, and therefore transmuting old, stagnant energy. By doing so, you are clearing yourself of your childhood trauma. You are releasing the energies that create “triggers”, or times where you feel yourself reacting to external stimuli. An example of a trigger for me would be when people tell me to be positive. I get really triggered by that because to me, that is a form of shaming what others would characterize as a low-vibrational energy, deeming it “negative”. Please don’t ever shame people for feeling like shit. This is the problem with humanity. We do not accept each other in natural states of being. It is not natural at all to be positive 24 hours a day.

Releasing these energies is going to clear your body of lower-vibrational, or denser, energies. As they release, you’re going to feel energetically lighter; you’re going to be naturally more happy, with more energy, and less depressed. You’re going to naturally have less anxiety, fear, and worry. I’ve seen this happen with me, the more EV I do, the less I am triggered by others, the less I react to external stimuli, the less control I have to have over myself and others. All control is a form of fear. We have to release fear to stop wanting to control life, ourselves, and everyone around us.

The more of this work you do, the more health benefits you’re going to receive. Chronic illness, autoimmune disease, physical and mental illness, all go down the more you do this. This is energy healing. You are healing your chakras, your energy centers. You are clearing your body of stuck emotional debris.

Our external reality is a direct result of our internal reality. There is really no way to permanently change our external reality without first recognizing that it is simply a manifestation of that which is inside each and every one of us. Emotions create feelings, which create thoughts, which create reality. If we don’t release denser emotions as they come up, and we suppress them, what do you think happens? They compound into layers one on top of the other, until a painful onion is formed within our emotional body. We now no longer have the ability to regulate our emotions because we are forever trapped in a cycle of action/reaction to external stimuli. Each time a wound is triggered,it’s like a knife is stabbing into your emotional body and that energy is getting vibrated. The trigger is not the problem it’s the wound that needs healing. It’s the energy that needs to be released. The wound and the energy, the emotions, are like children that are begging to be seen. They need to come to your conscious attention, they need to be felt, seen, and completely heard, to resolve themselves. This is true healing. Therefore, we don’t want to control our emotions in order to control our thoughts, but we want to SEE and BE WITH our emotions so that they no longer have to pull on our pant legs and invade our mind with unwanted negative thoughts. Thoughts are negative or positive. Emotions are low or high vibe. This is the distinction. Negative thoughts are a poison that affects external realities but the only reason they exist in the first place is because our internal reality is a landmine filled with booby traps, ready to go off.

We have to stop rejecting our low-vibe emotions in order to truly change our mindset and our thoughts. You can say affirmations all you want, you can be as positive as you want, but the truth is that 95% of our realities are created by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls 95% of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions. The subconscious is made up of our databank of memories. Once we release the low-vibe emotions behind those memories, they have no power anymore. They are no longer driving the car. It is the energy behind those memories that is trapped in our bodies that makes us so terrified of them.

The true secret of manifestation is emotional mastery. Emotional mastery is not control of one’s emotions as we’ve been taught, but mastering the ability to express all emotions as they arise, not impeding the natural flow of energy. The energy must always flow in order for us to flow with the universe. Positive affirmations and forced positive thinking is simply a band-aid. For lasting, true dream-life manifestation we have to go to the root of the problem; the subconscious mind.

Benefits of Emotional Vipassana

1. Relieve depression, anxiety, fear, worry – more natural joy and happiness! No longer weighed down by your past

2. External-reality shift

3. No need for thought-control. Thoughts flow effortlessly and naturally – entering flow state

4. Helping heal mental and physical illness

5. More mental clarity and acuity

6. More access to intuition and clair-capabilities; siddhis come online

7. Less reactive to triggers/more emotional stability

8. GREAT IMPROVEMENT TO APPEARANCE AND YOUTH – you can’t buy this in a bottle. Your face and skin and body will lose YEARS once you release denser energies. You will feel more ALIVE with more ENERGY

9. Energy blockages to manifestation are cleared

10. Better relationships, both current and attracting better ones. You are not going to attract low-vibe people if you are no longer mired in low-vibe energy

11. Better ability to weather life’s storms; freedom from action/reaction

12. Ascension WITH GAIA/Mother Earth – join us in the ascension

13. Less susceptible to negative entity interference. Negative entities (spirits, archons) latch on to humans with lots of low-vibe trapped emotions, living off of those energies and continually triggering them. They will do whatever they can to keep you in depression, pain, or whatever energy it is they LIVE AND FEED OFF OF. You will no longer be a host to these parasites once you free yourself

14. Healing the liver/adrenals and skin – less acne and wrinkles. You are clearing out toxins!

14. Less addiction/numbing/checking out activities

15. Much more ability to be present with yourself and others – you are no longer battling pain. You can now be present for your children, your boyfriend, your family, your friends. Your relationships improve, neglect and abuse go down

16. Clearer mindset, easier ability to create and achieve goals.

17. You can focus on the NOW; no longer a slave to your past or your trauma

18. Less emotional eating/easier weight management

19. This is a great tool for people who don’t want to revisit painful memories but who want to release the emotional pain behind them

20. Overall increased energy, stamina, and vitality

What’s not to love about emotional vipassana? Where has this been hiding my whole life?! We are ready to HEAL!

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